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stop the self-doubt/self-sabotage And 

start loving yourself fully Today

You know deep within you that you are here for a divine purpose & mission. But a lot of the limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions from your past tends to get in the way of you achieving your greatness and truly loving yourself fully. It's about time you let all that sh*t go and be the powerful you that you were always meant to be. You can watch the video below to see what others are saying about the Self Love Mastery Workshop we did in person. 

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you feel like you have no control over all the negative mind chatter that’s constantly repeating itself in your head…and even when you try to meditate or still/quiet your mind, your thoughts keep racing at a million miles per hour?

  • Do you secretly know that you are meant for great things, but don't know if it will ever happen. You work hard everyday and create something. But there is a voice in the back of your mind asking if this is all for nothing? (or wondering “will it ever happen?”)

  • Do you suffer from "giving exhaustion," where you're constantly giving to others and feeling under appreciated? 

  • Have you tried several different methods to quiet & silence your negative mind chatter in hope to gain long lasting inner peace yet you find yourself still doubting, worrying, and self-sabotaging in your day to day life?

  • Do you secretly feel frustrated that you've done LOTS of inner work on yourself, yet, you still feel some parts of the past still effect you till this day, preventing you from stepping into your greatness with confidence, clarity, peace, and happiness?

  • Do you feel like there’s an invisible block to your freedom & happiness–no matter what you do & how hard you work?

In the self love mastery course, you will learn...

  • How To feel at peace and experience a quiet mind for the first time in a looong time.

  • A simple process to dig and discover what your core limiting beliefs are, and then replace them with empowering beliefs.

  • To resolve longtime traumas and release trapped emotions at the Root, allowing yourself to finally feel worthy of receiving the abundance that is already yours.

  • To be free from all judgments and allow yourself to live a life of happiness, joy, and inner peace. You'll also be confident and proud of who you are without feeling guilty.

  • How to look deep into your eyes and your soul and feel authentic Love and Gratitude from within, instead of hate/shame/guilt. 

In this Self Love Mastery program, you'll get...

Module Trainings

The module trainings dive deep into the processes Jonathan and Bridget use to help them identify and replace limiting beliefs, resolve old/stuck emotions, and resolve negative generational patterns.

Peace of Mind

Many people who have used the processes and put in the work to discover and understand themselves better using these techniques have found peace of mind within their hearts and souls, and feel empowered knowing they have control of their lives again. 


These reflection sheets are designed to gain insights about yourself that you didn't know before. The powerful guided meditations also help quiet your mind, experience inner peace & bring you back into alignment, love, and harmony

What Our Clients Say About Us

Anything you ever wanted to experience, manifest, and create are already within you. All you need to do is to let go all that no longer serve you. And magical experiences happen like our clients when you make the decision to be willing to let go & transform

You two are going to help a lot of people, because there's a lot of people that were like me who just didn't realize what they were holding on to and how it was hindering them in so many different ways... 

but that one session can catapult you so far beyond your imagination and and that to me was the lesson. 

I felt like there was something that was blocking me. but I couldn't pin point what it was... After working with them, I just felt much lighter... everything was flowing...

I have better relationship with my family. They'll help you uncover a lot of blockages that's holding you back, unconsciously.

It was such an amazing process that the weight & load [on my shoulders] just evaporated and was gone! There was some sort of inner peace that's restored.

Bridget & Jonathan really dug deep into the root cause of my limiting beliefs & emotions that were holding me back... it was absolutely phenomenal.

You need to do this, it'll dramatically transform your life!

Working with Jonathan was nothing short of life changing for me. When I met Jonathan I was recently diagnosed with complex PTSD and experiencing trauma related symptoms from depression, anxiety, and hallucinations...

I learned how to feel emotions for the first time. He taught me techniques that have helped me process decades of trauma. 

Every person should have the opportunity to work with them. 

I cannot thank Jonathan and Bridget enough for my healing session last week!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

You guys were so in tune to my deep-rooted emotions and I felt incredibly safe opening up to you. The methods you used to help me let go were INCREDIBLY powerful. As suggested, I have been having my daily “Conversations with Connie” and it has been so cleansing and empowering. I have been choosing to honor myself more and more in doing things that I FEEL like doing and not because I feel guilted or to please others. I will forever be grateful for this healing session and I love you guys so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

Connie B.

Bridget and Jonathan provided a beautiful safe space for me to open up. We worked on my issue, we had fun doing it and it was amazing to experience how they worked together with such love and respect and the interaction between them was magical. 

I was given tools to work on a daily basis which has resulted in beautiful shifts to enhance my personal growth. When I would get stuck in my process I could easily access them, clear my doubts or get an answer to arising questions.

They are here with a clear purpose. To help those who have a wish of growth and make this world a better place for all. If you are looking for change or you feel there is more out there than you can see, it all starts with you making a decision. I would go for it. Love you all.

Nicole B.

My session with Bridget and Jonathan was magical and transformative. I feel an expansion in my everyday life after the session. I experience a sense of calm and joy even when the external environment gets chaotic. I am able to be more present and gain a better sense of clarity on the life I want to create and live into.

As a result, I started taking actions to build the business of my dream that I had been putting off for years! I highly recommend Bridget and Jonathan's session, they are talented and compassionate healers and guides. I am forever grateful for their service.


Ruby Y.

I struggled in dealing with my emotions stemmed from my teenage years.

When I am intoxicated and when I am in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment, these emotions caused me to act aggressively.

It has been 3 months since I first started working with Jonathan and Bridget and I have not had any episodes of aggressive behavior.

Jonathan and Bridget are great listeners and they attended to my challenges with compassion and detail. Their guidance and their work make me feel that I am better equipped to face, understand, deal, and heal my past emotions.

I am now a lot more comfortable and relaxed when I am having a drink, which has helped me to become more confident and flamboyant at social events.

I strongly recommend these two wonderful professionals to anyone who has challenges in their life.


David H.

About Jonathan & Bridget

Jonathan and Bridget started their spiritual healing journey back in 2009, where they met in a healing class.  Since then, they have been developing and honing in on their craft and have helped thousands of clients release emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, energetic blocks and step into their true potential and unlimited power.

Bridget and Jonathan have created a simple 5 step Manifestation process that guides people to get from where they are to where they want to be, whether it's going from single to falling in love, or from broke to ballin', or from Depressed and Anxious to Aligned and at Peace.

Their mission is to help as many people WAKE UP and remember who they TRULY ARE, so they can live a life they love and create a reality they never thought possible.

Bridget and Jonathan live in Austin, TX with their beautiful 2.5 year old daughter Nylah.  Aside from teaching and serving others they enjoy traveling, connecting with like-minded and love-hearted souls, and enjoying life to the fullest each and every day. 


Let's Grow Together

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